Monday, August 6, 2012

Classroom Organization Continued

I've been in a crafting mood lately.  I just have no clue what has gotten into me.  Considering the first month of summer I had no motivation, I think I am trying to play "catch up".  Oh dear friends, time is running out.  Teachers in our district start back August 20th, so I am trying to squeeze in some last minute things.  I created 3 different things in the last few weeks, but I'm waiting to share 2 of them until I can get them on the walls in my classroom.  So, I will share with you my newest organizer (yes, I'm still on an organizing kick!) that I crafted together.

In these, I will put the printables and activities that I have planned for each day of the week.  Before, I would just stack them on a shelf and then I would have to search through many papers to find the ones I wanted to use.  This will clean up my papers quite a bit!

I bought this pack of scrapbook paper from Wal-Mart for $5.  For scrapbook paper you just can't beat that price.  I cut and trimmed to the size of the drawers and taped them down.  I only put scrapbook paper on the front of the drawers, but this pack would be enough to cover the entire space of each drawer. 

{If you see the trend, you can see that I love primary colors!}

Then, I made these to create my labels.I printed them on white card stock and glued them to the scrapbook paper.  You can get them for free HERE!

More cute, organizational stuff will be posted as soon as I can get into my classroom!


  1. Your drawers look beautiful! Thank you for sharing the labels and inspiring me to get organized in style!

  2. Thanks! I was looking for something to use for my daily bins like baskets or dishpans, etc. This is a great idea and uses much less space!

  3. Just what I am needing! Thank you!


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