Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wrapping Up A Wonderful Year

This week has been a whirlwind of EXCITEMENT!   We had Teacher Workdays all week.  These days usually consist of cleaning up and packing my classroom, completing cumulative folders, and turning in equipment.  Let's just say that there was too much excitement that I didn't get everything done that I needed to so I have to finish on Monday.  Boo!  But, I have so many {excuses} that I don't feel terrible for not finishing up.

Excuse #1
Wow!  I am so honored that my colleagues have graced me with this title.  I am still smiling from ear to ear and feeling very blessed.

My amazing husband and beautiful daughter were at the end of year celebration to celebrate the awesome news!

Teacher of the Year and Beginning Teacher of the Year.  I think we still look fantastic though our makeup was smeared by all of the tears.

Excuse # 2

On Tuesday, some of the staff had to present technology tips at a Stem Expo for our district.  We all worked really hard to show and share all we know.  Go STEM Team!

Excuse # 3

This little cutie came to work with me the rest of the week.  While I was busy preparing my classroom, she kept insisting that she needed to play on the playground.  My team and I had to find many ways to keep her occupied.  Sydnee loves flowers (and butterflies) so we let her pick a big {HUGE} Magnolia from the tree.  She was over the moon.

There you have excuses!  But, I think they are perfect excuses as to why my room is not complete.  I am 100% sure everything will be completed on Monday.  I am READY for my summer vacay to begin!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Classroom Luau

I cannot believe this school year is over.  It will always be remembered for the year that slowly crept by.  Seriously, I love my kiddos, but this year seemed like it would never end.  Whatever happened to the last day of school being in May?  Can we puh-lease (pretty please) have it back?  I really wouldn't mind starting earlier in August if we could just end the school year in May.

Anyway, this week we celebrated with a 2nd Grade Luau.  The kids were actively engaged.  We had 5 rotation stations.  I , of course, had the limbo and hula hoop station.  We jammed out to some Beach Boys and Chubby Checker.  Old school, I know, but the kids didn't seem to mind it.  I was completely exhausted from doing the activities with them.  My class told me about all of the other stations and how much they really enjoyed themselves.  The other stations included face painting, snow cones, corn hole, and beach ball volleyball.  I have always had Luau Day for the past 6 years and every year I have students who come back and visit and always remember our Luau Day.  It just melts my heart!

My sweet assistant and me!  The 2nd Grade Team got these cool shirts from US Toy for $5.  

I wish I could post pics of how cute my kiddos looked.  They went all out with sunglasses, leis, hula skirts, etc.

Next week, me and a few of my colleagues will be presenting at our county Expo for STEM.  We will be pulling everything together that we have been using with our kids to extend their ability to learn with technology.  I know we will ROCK it!  I also have to pack up my room and help another 2nd grade friend pack as she moves on to 3rd grade.  She is such an amazing and inspiring teacher and has been by my side since I came to the school.  I don't know how I am going to survive without her!

Hope your last week was filled with more laughs than tears!  Keep checking in throughout the summer for tips, tricks, and ideas I will be using in my classroom for 2013-2014.


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