Monday, March 25, 2013

Pysanky Eggs and Patricia Polacco

Say that three time fast!  My students are loving our author study on Patricia Polacco.  One of the favorite books we've been studying is Rechenka's Eggs.  We read aloud and made predictions throughout the story.  I was able to integrate Social Studies (Ukrain) and Mathematics (Symmetry & Patterns) into this lesson.  Then, we did a little bit of writing about what they thought the baby goose at the end of the story would do next.

 Here are some of the fabulous symmetrical and patterned eggs.

This little guy did an amazing job and I just had to post this!
 He is one of those kids that is always up and seems to rarely pay attention, so I knew this activity had him fully engaged.  Makes my heart smile!

This is a website where I showed student examples and we discussed symbols and color meanings.

Click on the free template below to make your own!!!

Only 3 more workdays left until Spring Break for me!  
I sure hope the weather gets warmer between now and then!  


  1. Hi Krisit,

    Those look really great.


    1. Thanks pam! I think they turned out sooo cute!

  2. Hi Kristi,
    That is one of my favorite books to read this time of year. I love how you integrated social studies, math, literature, and art. I think the more you integrate, the more engaged your students will be. I pinned this post so hopefully it will send some readers your way ( I'm sure others will enjoy the activities as much I do.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so very much Michelle! I try to integrate as much as I can, whenever I can.

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