Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Prefixes and Seuss

So, I'm a little being (as usual).!  Do you ever feel you finally completed a goal and then BAM! something else is piled on top of you.  Welcome to my life!  Ha!  Between the ice days and getting these kiddos to comprehend through written retell has been a roller coaster.  I am vey impressed with how much growth I have seen this year.  They love to read, but writing is a whole different story.  Let's just say that we are working on that.

This week we have been learning about everything Seuss!  Today we worked on rhyming words.  Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the cute rhymes we created.  The kids loved finding rhyming words.  This packet can be picked up free here on TPT!  It is more than amazing!  It includes literacy and math printable activities.

We also read the story Wacky Wednesday which is a must.  It is an easy read and the kids love finding all of the wacky things in the story.  Though, it can be somewhat time consuming (you've been forewarned).  The following pics are the 2nd grade teachers and my students with their wacky socks.

Along with rhyming words, we have been hard at work on prefixes.  The students really enjoyed reading the room to figure out prefixes and the new meaning of words.  You can pick up this activity in my prefix pack HERE!

 Tomorrow we will read The Lorax and discuss story elements.  On Friday, we will read Fox in Socks and students will create their own magical sock and write a creative story about it.  See there, I threw in a writing piece.  What activities have your students completed this week?



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