Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mimio and Math Tubs- 21st Century Learning at its Best!

We've been doing so much 21st Century Learning in my class this week.  My class was very blessed to be awarded with another Donor's Choose Grant.  If you haven't written one, you really should!  We have had 6 grants funded this year alone.  It is AMAZING!  We were finally funded for a Mimio and we love it! Click to learn more about a Mimio.  We've used it everyday and my students have never been as attentive as they are with the Mimio.  What a world of difference!

Here is a picture of a Venn that my students created comparing a story character to themselves.  I had them work in groups and then we collaborated.

We've also been working in small groups with measurement.  We used nonstandard and standard units of measurement to explore objects inside the classroom.  I picked up some great measurement activities through other blogs and TpT that are completely FREE!  I made them into a book.  There are 4 tubs and the groups complete 1 tub a day.  Sometime next week, the students will compete in the Measurement Olympics which you can pick up at Classroom Magic for FREE as well!

Free Math Measurement Activities:

Measuring Objects Using Inches
Measuring Scavenger Hunt
Measuring Paths
Area and Perimeter
Measurement Olympics

Today, I worked on the new 2nd Grade Math Pacing Guide for the county with a team of wonderful teachers.  I finally met Randi from Teach It With Class.  We actually teach in the same county.  I can't wait to catch up with her, share more ideas and pick her brain. 

I have a super cute PEEPS goody bag topper for you to print and attach to a ziploc bag to give to your students with a PEEP, of course.  I will post it very soon! 

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