Friday, May 11, 2012

Surprise...OH MY!

My team and I went out for lunch for Teacher Appreciation week.  Little did I know, there were plans in the making.  I came back to this...

OH MY!!!

So thoughtful and well-planned!  One of the room moms had set the whole thing up with my 2nd grade team.  The party included cake and ice cream, so we had a wild, crazy Friday afternoon.  It was all worth it!  Look at all the sweet words on the board (a few gave me the giggles).  I especially laughed at the one that says, "You are so crazy!!!" and "Happy Beerth Day!".  I love this class and will miss them dearly as they journey on to 3rd grade.


  1. That's so cute. Happy beerthday to you! LOL

  2. Thank you! Their spelling of words sometimes just crack me up. I'm not sure if that one was intentional. :)

  3. Congratulations! I've given you the One Lovely Blog award. SWING on over to my blog to check out all the details. :-)


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