Friday, August 9, 2013

Classroom Pencil Organization

Let's face it...pencils can be a nightmare.  I sharpen about 20 or so at the beginning of every day and by mid morning they seem to have all disappeared.  Who REALLY has time for that?

I have a green container that the kids put pencils in and take pencils from as needed.  It truly is a catastrophe waiting to happen.  Some kids take brand new sharpened pencils even though they have a pretty sharpened pencil (just a little dull) to begin with.  Since I only used one container all the sharp and dull pencils would get mixed together which was complete chaos to say the least.  I finally decided to buy some really cute pencil containers at Target in the dollar section and make two separate places for pencils.  Since I haven't tried this before we shall see how this works. Fingers are crossed that this is the solution!

Click {HERE} to get your free template as shown in the pic.



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