Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trials and Tribulations

Oh My Friends!  I have not forgotten about you all!  Really!  Life's been so very complicated the past year that I abandoned my poor blog.  I don't even know where to begin to explain all of the comings and goings of this year.  So, I'll take you through one-step at a time.

August: Living in Dallas
With my husband deploying for a year, we decided that the best thing we could do was move home to Dallas to be with my family.  We will not be stationed at the same base so it just made sense.  I was blessed to be given the chance to teach this year a 2nd grade class, so I jumped on it.  Sydnee started Kindergarten, and you can just imagine how dramatic that is for this momma.

September- November
My life was in a fog! I seriously could not get out of a funk.  Adjusting to a new school, living with my family again, missing my husband...I just don't even want to think about it because those were some trying times.

Went to visit my husband in South Korea for Christmas and loved every minute of it!

The fog returned once again!  It was so deep Sydnee and I made a countdown chain to summer.  I mean I love teaching and adore my students, but the stress of trying to teach and wanting to be somewhere else was very difficult to overcome.  But, I'm still alive and making it through.

Husband came home for a week!  Yes, just a week because we wanted to split up the months we would see him.  He will return again this summer.

April: NOW=New Beginnings
I think the fog has slowly lifted and life feels somewhat normal again.    7 weeks of school left, beginning a new journey with Rodan + Fields, lifestyle changes, and so much more.  When I say I abandoned things, I mean I abandoned everything!  I abandoned my amazing fitness journey that I had going last year, I abandoned my sanity, and so much more.  The focus is on myself now and each little thing I love.

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I want to apologize to all my loyal followers for leaving you hanging this year.  I will be posting new things I added since I took this teaching position.  After this year I will sadly not be teaching anymore, for now.  We are moving overseas and it is time for me to take a short break from it all.  I will be posting new ideas though that you can still continue to use.

Thanks for sticking by my side!


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