Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oh Gee Whiz & Letters to Troops

Oh Gee Whiz!

We still have one more week of school.  All of my Texas and Florida friends are out and I must say I am very JEALOUS.  I've got summer fever terribly badly.  There are so many things I need to do like...thoroughly clean my house from top to bottom.  I've got friends and family coming to stay with me each week through July.  I've been so busy with paperwork and grading that I've abandoned my home sweet home.  Forget spring cleaning, I've got to catch up before school starts again.  I need some help or some motivation for that matter.

Letters to Troops

Yep, just now posting the letters my class made to send to some troops in Afghanistan.  I wanted the troops to get them by Memorial Day, but it takes forever to get a package overseas.  So, I'm being told that they should receive the cards this week.  (These are included in my "A Salute to Our Veterans- Veteran's Day and Memorial Day Activities" on TpT.)



  1. So sweet! My younger brother is stationed in Germany and my kiddos love writing to him!

    The Learning Tree

    1. We are trying to get to Germany. My husband is in the Air Force so we have that option. I know I'd love it!

  2. This is a great idea. My cousin is overseas and I know he misses family and friends. I am going to "borrow" this idea for next year. Thanks for sharing. I'm also going to pin it on pinterest...a lot of my colleagues would like this as well. You have some great ideas....I'm definitely signing up to follow you. :)

    1. My students loved doing this. My school is predominantly military children, so this meant everything to them. The troops loved them too. Thanks for following my blog!

  3. I love the letters to the troops! I'm sure each and every letter brought a smile to each soldier who received one.


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