Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blood, Sweat and Tears!

GEEZ, am I ever so glad that this week is OVER.  It has been a very long and emotional roller coaster of a week.  I'm blaming it on the full moon because we all know how crazy everyone acts when the the moon is full.  My week started off great, until Wednesday and by Friday I was broken into pieces.  I have just been overdoing it...teaching, lesson planning, paperwork, keeping my daughter in good spirits while daddy is deployed, and the list goes on.  By Friday afternoon, all of the stress has knocked me off of my feet.  I have the most wonderful, down-to-earth principal who is such an inspiration.  She definitely knew the words to say to pick me back up.  Sometimes we all just need a pat on the back and to be reminded that we are doing our best even when we feel less than perfect. I also have some amazing teammates that make a girl feel loved.  I don't know what I would do without those girls!

This morning I woke up refreshed and renewed.  I had promised many people I would set the schoolwork aside for the weekend and relax.  So, I'm blogging instead...that's okay right?  It is my way of venting which is what I need.  My husband will be back in about 2 weeks and I am beyond excited.  He is truly my best friend and knows how to inspire me when the world seems to be pushing me down.    I have a feeling my broken pieces will be glued back together once he is home.

I wanted to share two activities my students completed last week.  First, they did apple abc order to review since some students continue to struggle with abc order.  They all did really well!!!  Another day, I had them work in small groups of 3 to practice identifying statements and questions.  They loved the fall trees and it really got them into the autumn spirit.  I had each group write the correct punctuation at the end of each sentence and then color all of the statement leaves the same color and all of the question leaves another color.  This made it easy to identify and sort when they cut out all of the leaves.  You can pick up by clicking on the pic!

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  1. What a fun way to practice questions and statements! Thanks!

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