Saturday, April 28, 2012

Graphs and Careers- Excellent Integration

We had Career Day this week,!  We got to see 4 different careers...firefighters, martial artists, ballerinas, and Bomb Squad.  So, what better way to integrate math and social studies then with a graph.

In Math, we've been learning all about graphs.  There are some wonderful products on TpT that are a must have Graphs Galore by Michelle and All About Graphs by Lindsey.  Graphs can be tricky so I started with a basic bar graph using careers from Career Day.  

My students decided on their favorite career that we saw.  They wrote the job and drew it.  Then, we took a survey by raising our hands to find out how many tallies we needed to put next to each job.  Next, they had to create a bar graphs using their survey chart.  Lastly, they studied the graphs and answered the questions for the results.  

The graphs turned out wonderful!  They were able to apply the process of creating and reflecting.  They always tell me I wear.them.out!  I insist I am just exercising their brains and in my best Arnold voice "I'm gonna Pump. You. Up!  Enjoy these freebies friends!

P.S.  I am Spotlight Saturday feature on Michelle's blog.  Check it out here and give her some love!

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