Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One More Day...

Until Spring Break Begins!  But first, I have to survive tomorrow's field trip to the Life and Science Museum in Durham.  It is a really fun and adventurous trip for the kiddos.  My students are excited about seeing all of the insects since we have been studying meal worms for the past month.  My kids were crazily stoked when they saw a beetle in the meal worm habitat.  That's when they found out that meal worms go through a complete metamorphosis.  Unlike all those girly teachers and assistants around me who gag every time they see the habitat, I love bugs!  They are so"KEWL" to study.

So, our trip to the Life and Science Museum should be fun (and tiring)!  Let's just hope the rain stays away so we can enjoy all of the wildlife exhibits and train ride. Ha!

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