Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Ah-Ha Moment

So, I have been thinking about a name for my blog for quite.a.while.  I didn't want something simple "Second Grade Rocks with Mrs. L" or "Simply Second Grade" or any other common name.  I enjoy reading so many other teacher blogs and their names stand out in lights (not really, but you get where I'm going).  Anyway, my last name is obviously not a common name.  I mean, we are the only Luckenbaugh's in the local phone directory.  Not too hard to find me. So, of course, I want something that represents me and my name.  I'm proud of it!

Therefore, I came up with Lucky in Learning!  My husband's call name at work is "Lucky".  It's the easiest way to remember Luckenbaugh.  I think it's charming, cute, witty, fun, and... who doesn't like a little LUCK in their life?  Sometimes I wish my students could just call me Mrs. Lucky, not only would it be simple, but it would save me from the headache of correcting how it is pronounced All.Of.The.Time.  When I student taught Kindergarten, almost 7 years ago, my students called me Mrs. Cottonball {too cute!}.  Over the years it has been Mrs. Luck-en-bog, Luck-en-bra, Luck-en-borg, Luke-en-ball, and more.  Just imagine!  It's LUCK (luck), EN (n), BAUGH (bah).  Easy Cheesy!  Now, you know too!

What do YOU think of my blog name??? 

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