Thursday, February 23, 2012

Classroom Decor

I am really digging my walls this year!  I made a Math Wall.  I got the idea for this wall from The Teacher Wife.  She has the addition and subtraction words as a freebie, so definitely go and pick it up.  The addition and subtraction posters are from Amy Lemons- Step Into Second Grade.  Amy Lemons is a seller on TpT.  Her posters are included in her addition and subtraction packs.

The wall has been helping my students tremendously.  They know very important academic vocabulary for word problems and can easily refer to the posters for guidance on how to regroup.  Totally Awesome!  My math scores have made tremendous growth this year.

Here is my Math Wall:

And.....You can pick up these very cute, hands-on synonym popcorn bucket from my TpT.  Aren't they precious?

One last thing...Just for taking a look at my blog....You get a freebie!  Lucky you!  This is an antonym booklet my class did this week.  It was a quick assessment to see if they understood antonyms.  

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